It was bad enough that a 6-year-old boy needed medical attention after his foot got cut on a rusted metal grate at Brookfield Township Community Park’s on-lot sewage treatment system.
The resulting attention turned up several maintenance issues that needed addressed.
The boy was at a baseball tournament and slipped away from his grandfather, Trustee Ron Haun said July 29. The boy needed several stitches.
“Accident happened,” Haun said. “We were fortunate. Could have been a lot worse.”
Along with the metal grate, township workers replaced a lock that was no longer working on the electrical box there and a couple of cement lids, said township Road Superintendent Jaime Fredenburg, who also oversees the park.
The Trumbull County Health Department has been consulted about whether any or all of the treatment system area should be fenced, Fredenburg said.
The boy lost a shoe, and the township paid for a new pair.