American Federation of Suicide Prevention will present a program Feb. 21 at Brookfield High School.
“They’re gonna talk about the warning signs of depression, resources, how to have those very important talks if someone mentions this to you, what you do,” said Principal Kristen Foster. “Obviously, we’ve had some issues with this in our community, and it’s a really tough topic, and a lot of schools don’t want to touch it, but we know how important it is for our students to have these resources and know where to go if they’re struggling.”
Healthcare professionals will be on hand for any students who want to talk, and students will be made aware of resources they can reach out to once they have left school, she said.
“Schools need to be doing something,” Foster said. “It’s very difficult for kids. There’s so many things going on outside of here and at home, what they see in the media. I feel that we need to make sure that we are offering that support and those resources because some of them walk around very silent. They don’t share with anyone. This, at least, let’s them know that we know there are problems out there that other people do have: do have depression, do have thoughts, but also know where to go if they need that help. If it saves one life, it was worth it.”