Curt Benner is scheduled to address the Brookfield Board of Education Jan. 17 to talk about his plan for a private fundraising campaign to build a new football stadium, said School Superintendent Velina Jo Taylor.
“While he is aware of how much it costs to build a football stadium, he is very enthusiastic about investigating the possibility of moving forward with a capital improvement project in support of building a new stadium here on our K-12 campus as opposed to continuing to repair what we have over at Addison Field,” Taylor told the school board last month.
Taylor said she authorized Benner, who officiates college football games, to begin discussions and put together a committee, but brought the idea to the board’s attention because the board has talked about raising revenue, which could include a request for a property tax levy.
“Some of the concerns that I have in my mind are that we might be stomping on our own toes if we’re trying to pass a levy and having somebody do fundraising for a stadium,” she said. “That might not be the best time for us to do that. But, in light of the fact that we have community members who want to do something positive for the district, I felt it was something I at least had to share with you.”
“Obviously, my heart is always with academics with kids, but I also recognize the value of a strong athletic program for our students,” Taylor said.
Board members said they shared concerns raised by Taylor, but also agreed they were willing to listen to Benner.
Taylor said she had run some things past an attorney, and the board instructed her not to incur legal fees on behalf of a private organization.
The board meeting, held in the district’s auditorium, will begin with a work session at 6:30 p.m., followed by the voting meeting at 7 p.m.