Brookfield Fire Capt. Matt Gordon has been given three days’ discipline for a Nov. 24 incident in which he wrecked a go-cart while on duty and had to be taken to a hospital.

Gordon on Saturday declined to comment on the incident or the action by the township trustees.

The trustees said Friday the matter was resolved after negotiations with the firefighters’ union.

“The way I understood it, the union rep called our attorney and told him they were dropping their grievance,” Trustee Ron Haun said.

Gordon will either give up three vacation days or be suspended for three days without pay.

“He gets a letter in his file indicating that discipline,” added Trustee Dan Suttles. “It will last for two years unless there is another incident.”

Gordon had bought the go-cart for his son and was driving it in the fire department parking lot, according to the police report.

Gordon asked a patrolman if the patrolman could use radar to determine the go-cart’s speed as the vehicle did not have a speedometer, police said.

After the patrolman timed Gordon at 31 mph and Gordon had completely stopped, “Gordon then proceeded to make a U-turn east to west traveling away from me,” said patrolman John Bizub. “While making the U-turn, the vehicle rolled over, partially ejecting Gordon out of the left side of the vehicle and partially entrapping his body.”

Gordon suffered head and facial injuries and was taken by Brookfield firefighters to a hospital.

“I know that he was embarrassed over the whole issue,” Suttles said. “We didn’t get too much of a black eye over it, but we were also embarrassed. It happened. It’s over with.”

The trustees said it normally would have been the fire chief’s duty to handle disciplinary issues, but Fire Chief Keith Barrett was off sick and retired at the end of the year.

“We had to take care of it,” Haun said.