Thanks to a man who blocked a pickup driver who was doing doughnuts in Brookfield Township Community Park, police caught the alleged offender.

“It’s been going on a long time at the park and we finally caught somebody,” said Trustee Ron Haun. “Very tickled. Very happy. For 20 years I have dealt with this.”

Ball teams were practicing at about 3:30 p.m. March 31 when Shawn A. Tierney, 31, of Baden, Pa., drove to the back of the park and started tearing up the lawn, police said.

Dave DeJoy, a board member of Brookfield Youth Baseball and Softball, blocked Tierney until police arrived.

Tierney, who dates a Brookfield woman, was drunk, which might explain why he was forthcoming about his activities at the park, said Police Chief Dan Faustino.

“He also admitted that that wasn’t the first time he was down there doing damage,” Faustino said.

“He’s since made contact, seeing what he needs to do to fix it,” the chief said. “He’s scheduled to go to court, and we’ll just have to get an estimate down there and a decision whether we want to let him go and try to fix it or we turn that into the insurance.”

Tierney was arraigned April 3 on charges of felony vandalism, drunken driving, driving under suspension and disregarding safety; he pleaded not guilty, posted bond and was released.