People interested in being Brookfield’s next fire chief have until May 24 to get their information to the Ohio Fire Chiefs Association, which is aiding Brookfield trustees in the search.

An announcement seeking applicants was posted April 24.

The requirements for the position are a minimum of 10 years “progressively responsible full-time fire and (emergency medical service) experience,” and five years as a command officer; specified Ohio firefighter and EMS certifications; and either having completed fire officer training or have the ability to do so within one year.

“Pretty intense, pretty broad, as far as the information on what is being required,” said Trustee Ron Haun.

Such intense, broad requirements are an attempt “to get the best candidate that we can,” Haun said.

“That’s what this has been all about from the beginning,” he said.

The trustees would like the applicant to have at least an associate’s degree in fire, public service or business administration fields, and to have completed fire executive training.

The salary range for the position is $60,000 to $70,000, depending on experience.

A five-page position profile details the responsibilities of the department, including its coverage boundaries, types of service it provides, land uses in the service area, personnel, equipment holdings, call volume and funding.

The profile also sets expectations for the relationships the chief will have to maintain within the department, the township government and the greater community; details the responsibilities for “operating and directing a 24-hour, round-the-clock operation”; and lists professional qualifications and personal characteristics that are preferred.