Jane Noie said she spends all her time reading, and she visits the Brookfield Branch Library of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library about once a week to pick up new materials.

She’ll choose the latest mystery or true crime book, and scan the newspapers and magazines. If the library doesn’t have something she is looking for on its shelves, it can borrow it from another library.

“When I want to order something, it’s here right away,” said Noie, of Brookfield, who stopped in April 11 for a National Library Week open house. “It’s a great little library.”

Anna Gunturu also has found the library to her liking. The Youngstown State University graduate student in electrical engineering studies at the library, uses its internet access – which she doesn’t have at home – and checks out books and DVDs.

“Generally, I like the surroundings,” said Gunturu, of Brookfield. “It’s nice and clean and the staff is professional.”

The library has issued more than 3,700 library cards and its patronage is growing, said Brookfield Branch Manager Deborah Mosora.

The opening last year of a building addition that includes a public meeting room has allowed for an expansion of programs, including new computer and genealogy classes, she said. The library would like to host more activities by outside groups in the meeting room.

Adelynn Scheitinger of Hartford works a puzzle.

Adelynn Scheitinger of Hartford works a puzzle.

Long known for providing internet access to those without it, the library now loans out mobile hot spots. Patrons can take the devices home and go on the internet.

The open house showed the good working relationship between the library and the Friends of the Brookfield Branch Library, which provided refreshments. The Friends bought furniture for the new room and the library’s sign, and has paid for books, equipment and activity prizes and supplies.

“We love our Friends,” Mosora said. “Anything that comes up that we need, they’re more than helpful.”

The Friends have about 300 members and is in the middle its annual membership drive and lottery ticket fundraiser. The group wants to help the library reach a new generation, but meet the needs of adults and seniors, too, said President Margaret Dudt.

“We’re happy to help wherever we can,” said Friends’ member Ada Marie Peto.

Adelynn Scheitinger is the next generation. The 22-month-old Hartford girl loves puzzles, of which the library has many, and her mom. Stephanie, orders stacks of books.

“We’re trying to do 1,000 books before kindergarten,” Stephanie  Scheitinger said. “We just checked off 400.”


Top photo shows Nancy Hermann of Friends of the Brookfield Branch Library, at left, handing a cup of punch to Barb Peters at a National Library Week open house.