Brookfield Township Road Department workers have been installing and replacing traffic safety signs on the township’s rural roads, and some residents have complained about the speed limits on their roads.

“They’re putting signs up where signs have been absent, and people didn’t realize what their speed limits were,” said Police Chief Dan Faustino at an April 23 trustees meeting. He specified Collar Price and Addison roads as ones people are complaining about.

“Some of those speed limits are too high and some people think they are too low,” said Road Superintendent Jaime Fredenburg. “Most of them think they are too high.”

Once the sign installation is done, officials will evaluate the speed limits and see which ones they want to change, he said. In some cases, traffic studies will have to be conducted before any changes can be made.

The sign project is funded by an Ohio Department of Transportation grant, and deals with safety, such as alerting motorists to curves and approaching T-intersections.

“These are mostly high-speed, country roads,” Fredenburg said.

The next phase of the project will be to replace stop signs.

“All the stop signs, for the most part, are going to be replaced,” Fredenburg said. “They’re a high-intensity, reflective sign, and we’re going from 30-inch stop signs to 36-inch. They’ll be a bigger sign.”

“I’ve had a lot of calls that they were glad the signs were up,” said Trustee Dan Suttles.

Update: On May 14, Fredenburg said the sign installation project was just about complete.

Photo shows Mark Hughes.