Brookfield Local School District Director of Bands Elza Wright recently announced the Excellence in Music Awards for the various musical groups in the district.

These young musicians were honored:

Christian Davis, who plays clarinet, fifth grade.

Emily Kasiewicz, percussion, sixth grade.

Mario Furrillo, trumpet, seventh grade.

Rhys Knoxville, trumpet and tuba, eighth grade.

Dayton Raught

Dayton Raught

Hannah McNamara, saxophone, ninth grade.

Ashley Manners, saxophone, 10th grade.

Dustin Moffett, trombone, 11th grade.

Alexis Gallagher, flute, 12th grade.

Makenzie Hall, vocals, chorus.

Dayton Raught, trumpet and saxophone, jazz band.

Eli Yereb, tuba, concert band.

Dillon Lamb, trumpet and French horn, marching band.

Top photos show the sixth- and seventh-grade band playing at a May 10 concert.