The ROAR Center in Sharon has meeting rooms, a game room, a billiards room, a children’s play room, a computer room, a kitchen and a meditation room, all available to people who are recovering from addiction.

But, John Tinglum believes its secret weapon is in the kitchen – the coffee pot.

“Not too many people in recovery will pass up free coffee,” said the ROAR Center board member.

Mercer County Coalition for Drug Awareness officially opens the community recovery center June 4 at 912 E. State St., in the building east of Walgreens, but it already has been hosting recovery meetings and other activities.

“I love the concept of it,” said Tinglum, of Hermitage, 13 months into what he described as “this recovery.” “It’s a safe place you can go and meet people you can relate to.”

The camaraderie and support recovering addicts can give each other is key, he said.

“You can’t save anybody else,” Tinglum said. “They have to save themselves, but you have to able to open up with people who have a like mind.”

Board member Silvio Marcoccia said he hopes the center shows addicts they can live a clean life and still have fun.

“Only people in recovery understand addiction is a disease of thoughts and feelings,” Marcoccia said. “Only people in recovery understand how people in recovery think.”

The center, which also serves as the coalition’s office, was funded by Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, but is open to those in recovery who live outside of Mercer County, said coalition Treasurer Tracy Weimer.

Its hours will be 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday for a coffee club, and then 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.

Four recovery groups, including Narcotics Anonymous and Nar-Anon, a group for family and friends of addicts, meet at the center and two more will be starting in the coming weeks, Marcoccia said.

“There’s nothing therapeutic here,” he said. “This is strictly a place for people to meet.”

There is no cost to anyone who meets or comes to the center.

Marcoccia said he hopes center activities grow, but that will be up to those in recovery who run the center’s day-to-day operations.

Anyone who would like to make a donation to the center or the coalition can do so through the Community Foundation of Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, 7 W. State St., Sharon, PA 16146.