Brookfield police said they have attributed what they believe to be nearly 5 grams of cocaine to a Farrell man arrested Wednesday.

Charges related to the alleged cocaine have not been filed against Elrico O. Jones Jr. while the substances are tested, but police charged Jones with several other offenses.

Elrico Jones Jr.

Elrico Jones Jr.

Jones, 26, of 604 Fruit Ave., was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over for a defective license plate light at about 11:30 p.m. at Addison Road and Dutch Lane, police said.

The license of the driver, Vernon M. Parks, 26, of 815 Stambaugh Ave., Farrell, had been suspended by Pennsylvania authorities, and he was charged with driving under suspension, police said.

Jones gave police a different name and police discovered there was an arrest warrant for that person, police said. Jones argued with police and pulled away, police said. During a pat down search, police said they discovered a bulge in Jones’ underwear that was suspected to be drugs.

Jones ran but was tackled a few feet away, refused to cooperate with police, and was punched in the right side by police “to gain compliance,” police said.

During a continued search, police found a bag containing about 4 grams of suspected cocaine in his underwear, police said. Jones later turned over a baggie corner with white residue on it, and police said they found a second baggie corner containing less than a gram of cocaine stuffed in the cushions of the police cruiser.

Police said they also found a straw, commonly used for snorting cocaine, in the ash tray of Parks’ car.

After the bag was found on him, Jones gave his real name, telling police he gave a cousin’s name because there was a warrant out for him and he did not know there was a warrant for his cousin, police said. He admitted the bag found on him and the straw were his, but said the substance found in the cruiser was not his, police said.

Jones was arraigned Thursday by Trumbull County Eastern District Court Judge Rob Platt on charges of tampering with evidence, possession of drug abuse instruments, falsification, resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Jones pleaded not guilty and was committed to Trumbull County Jail on $35,000 cash or surety bond.

Photo courtesy of Trumbull County Jail.