“Bang, bang, bang,” are the sounds that come from an audio recording Janice Larew said she made at her home in the 8000 block of Warren Sharon Road.

“It’s just a barrage of gunfire,” she said as she shared the recording at the May 7 Brookfield trustees meeting. She had made the recording the day before.

“I’m inside my bedroom,” she said.  “I counted off over 200 rounds Thursday (May 3). It happens every single day.”

The resident of the 8000 block of Warren Sharon Road is not the only one who has complained of gunfire. Trustee Gary Lees said he has talked to four or five residents who live on the West Hill. People are afraid to walk in the woods on their properties or even go into their yards or sit on their back porches, Lees said.

“In today’s world, is it drive-by shooting, when you hear that type of noise?” Lees said. “Is it a domestic problem? Or, is it target practice? Do you want to have, every time you hear a gun fire on the West Hill or in Masury or whatever, are we going to call 911? I don’t know, but I know you have to do something because this is out of line.”

“It’s not only on the West Hill,” said Jean Kozarich, who lives on Stewart Sharon Road, west of Route 7. “Down the road from me, yesterday, for over two hours.”

The police have responded to many calls of shots fired on the West Hill, but no charges have been filed. Lees said he asked the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office what the township can do to regulate shooting. The response: townships can’t do anything, Lees said.

Lees said he wants to approach state Reps. Glenn Holmes and Michael O’Brien and state Sen. Sean O’Brien about introducing legislation to allow townships to regulate the discharge of firearms – an authority cities already have. He said he hopes the Trumbull County Townships Association will endorse the plan.

Trustee Ron Haun said he’d like to approach the Brookfield Conservation Club for help.

“I know those gentlemen that go out to the conservation club are responsible gun owners,” he said. “If there are responsible gun owners around, please have them pass the word around about irresponsible gun owners. Responsible gun owners will go and say something to irresponsible gun owners.”