Brookfield High School Principal Adam Lewis said he was thrilled with the turnout for Freshman Bridge Day, the first freshman orientation held during Lewis’ two-year tenure as principal.
A little more than 60 of the 75-member freshman class attended the event Aug. 15.
It was an opportunity for administrators and some high school staff and the students to meet each other in a more relaxed atmosphere, and for the students to learn about high school policies and ways of doing things, and how the expectations will change.
Assistant Principal Kristen Foster arranged the day, which included Brookfield Police Cpl. Ron Mann talking about cyberbullying and improper texting, and offering an ear for any concern the students might have; guidance counselor Stephanie Anthony explaining scheduling and guidance procedures; and Lewis discussing the student handbook and the newly implemented policy allowing students to have phones and other devices in school.
Anthony said she was grateful for the opportunity.
“It’s fabulous to see them and create a connection prior to the start of the year,” Anthony said.
Freshman Tasha Oviatt said she liked hearing from the more than 20 upperclassmen who were brought in as mentors to answer questions and give a student perspective.
“I think it will be a lot easier when we first start, knowing what we can and can’t do,” said Freshman Reese Nale.
Senior Hannah Scharba said an orientation when she was a freshman was very helpful, but she noticed a difference in attitude and an adjustment curve for the class behind her, which did not go through an orientation.
Lewis said he met the students at an assembly at the end of the last school year, and pledged to learn each of their names very quickly. The class already has a positive reputation, he said.
“You’re kind to each other and that’s something I picked up on” at the year-end assembly, he said.
Classes for students begin Aug. 23.