Working under the assumption that it’s never too early to start thinking about a career, Brookfield Middle School students this school year will work with a job counselor provided by Mahoning County Educational Service Center.
Middle school Principal Tony Gibson said he would “like to have them help focus on seventh and eighth grade, even though they’re going to do some things all the way through” the grades.
“They’ll work with our financial literacy class in seventh grade, and then we started a college career readiness course for eighth-graders and hopefully they can do some good things through that class as well,” Gibson said.
Although administrators are trying to help kids look ahead, they realize that this age group can have issues related to its developing maturity levels.
“We’ll continue to do our best, focusing on any bullying issues,” Gibson said.
Sometimes, an incident of bullying is obvious but sometimes it’s not and officials can’t always establish what has occurred.
“You have to stay vigilant and keep on it and communicate with parents on both ends and hopefully parents sit down and talk to their sons and daughters and work their way through it,” he said.