When it comes to infrastructure, you can’t say there’s nothing going on in Brookfield Township.

Workers from Foust Construction, Girard, Ohio, install a storm water drainage system as part of the project to widen and pave a section of Owsley Street in Masury.

The township, Trumbull County and state of Ohio all are involved in ongoing and upcoming projects and studies that deal with the roads and storm sewer system in the township.

Here are details of some of what’s going on:

  • Owsley Street: Trumbull County commissioners on March 20 awarded a contract to Foust Construction Inc, of Girard to widen and pave the section of Owsley between Meek and Wheeler Streets, said Julie Green, Trumbull County Grants administrator. The contract was based on a bid of $80,324, the lowest of two. The work began in mid-April and the contractor has 90 days to finish. The money for the project is coming from the county’s federal Community Development Block Grant allocation.
  • Rose Avenue: Work will begin in April or May to replace and install storm water lines on the lower end of Rose Avenue, a project funded by Issue 1 money, which is money borrowed by the state through a bond issue to fund local infrastructure projects, Fredenburg said. The upper half will be done starting in July, when a second Issue 1 grant would be available, he said. The township road crew will do the work.
  • Route 7 and Warren Sharon Road: To address township officials’ concerns about the stacking of vehicles looking to turn at the intersection, the Ohio Department of Transportation has conducted a capacity analysis study, said spokesman Justin Chesnic. “We are investigating modifying the phasing at this signal,” he said. ODOT previously pushed back the line for vehicles to stop when southbound on Route 7, which has helped trucks make the turn, Fredenburg said.
  • Route 62 at Bedford Road and Broadway Avenue: ODOT agreed to conduct a safety study at the behest of township and county officials following the Sept. 20 fatal crash of a minivan and a garbage truck at Route 62 and Bedford. ODOT is seeking a consultant, who should be hired any day now, to perform the study, Chesnic said, and the study should be complete this summer.
  • Bedford Road: Officials expect to award a contract in May to start on a two-year project to widen and pave Bedford between Stewart Sharon Road and Route 62, a project expected to cost $2.2 million. The work follows last year’s sanitary sewer line installation project on the same stretch by the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer. This year, officials expect the completion of sanitary sewer laterals by residents, and then the installation of the storm sewer system and movement of utilities, said Trumbull County Deputy Engineer Gary Shaffer. Widening and paving will be done next year. Federal money is paying for 80 percent of the project and the county is picking up the rest.
  • Chip sealing of Trumbull County roads: All but one of the roads on the list was on the list last year, said Trumbull County Highway Superintendent Tom Klejka. “The chip-and-seal program got behind last year because of weather,” he said. The roads are Hubbard Masury Road between Route 62 and the sewer plant; Broadway Avenue; Stewart Sharon Road between Warner Road and Route 7; Everett East Road; and Warner Road between Route 82 and the Liberty Township line. Deer Haven Trail, which runs northbound from the end of King Graves Road in Yankee Lake, also is on the list.
  • Addison Road: Klejka said he is studying what to do about the beat-up section by PI&I Motor Express. He said he is considering paving it instead of chip sealing it, but he also has to improve drainage along that stretch.
  • Addison Road, Brookfield Avenue and Dutch Lane: Trumbull County commissioners in January awarded a contract to Environmental Design Group of Akron to conduct a safety and traffic impact study for $32,000, with the study being paid by a federal grant from the County Engineers Association of Ohio. The intersection is one of the county’s worst in terms of number of accidents, although they tend not to be severe, officials said. Shaffer said the study has to be completed by the summer.
  • Southern Masury: The county engineer is studying storm water flow south and east of Route 62 at the township’s request. “I haven’t gotten too much into that one,” Shaffer told the trustees March 11. “We’ve found some nice drawings and it’s a matter of hitting the field and doing the inventory, seeing what’s there.”
  • Valley View: The county engineer also is studying storm water on the east side of the Valley View residential development. It appears the existing storm sewer system is not large enough to handle the water, but also that property owners have altered storm water flow by throwing debris into a swale, building too close to it and filling it in, Shaffer said. The study also will look at the pond on the Strimbu property, where the public storm water system takes the water.
  • Orangeville Road: Fredenburg said he is talking with officials from Ohio and Pennsylvania about a potential project to pave Brockway Sharon Road in Hartford and South Pymatuning Township, Pa., and which becomes Orangeville Road in Brookfield.
  • Amy Boyle Road: The township is talking with Yankee Lake officials about improving the section that runs just south of the Yankee Lake border, Fredenburg said. Yankee Lake council is willing to contribute money to the project, even though the entire stretch of road is in Brookfield, he said.