Brookfield High School Senior Class President Jordan Tingler presented this address at commencement May 26, 2019:

“Good afternoon. Four years. It doesn’t sound like a lot, huh? Four years to prepare us for the rest of our lives. High school is where memories are made, from yelling, ‘Whoa!’ when there is a slight disruption in the cafeteria to walking around the school using walkie-talkies and getting yelled at for messing around when you have a yearbook due in two days. That last one might just be me. I would like to thank our teachers who helped get us where we are and offering Bactine whenever we got roasted for not being able to do middle school math. Without you, none of us would be on this stage today. I also want to thank the parents who supported us, dealing with all the drama, dragging us out of bed, helping us with our last-minute projects. You are our main support systems. I would love to say that this diploma will be the highlight of our day. But, the best part is we can all give Mr. Stone a high five. It’s been a long path that now comes to an end. But, at the end of one path, there’s the start of another. From here, we start our lives walking into the adult world. No more football games, pep rallies, band concerts, school plays or field trips. Now starts a part of our lives that really show us who we are. No matter where we go, we will always remember high school, the good and the bad. El presidente, out.”