Over the last several years, the cemetery department weed wacks the cemetery. It’s sad to see the job that is done around our loved ones’ grave stones. They dig so far into the ground, leaving ruts around the grave stones. This is not necessary and this is not the way weed wacking should be done, especially if you are a professional. We had to fill our daughter’s grave and grandparents’ grave sites with dirt due to these deep ruts. I have talked to families who have placed fences and/or bricks around the grave stones because of this problem.
Trustee (Ron) Haun has mentioned he has had nothing but compliments on how nice the cemetery looks. When you are driving by, of course, it looks manicured. I ask families of loved ones to walk through the cemetery after it is weed wacked and you will certainly witness what I am talking about. I spoke to an employee last year; he was very kind, polite and understanding of my concerns. I am sure this is NOT the employee who did the weed wacking. We weed wack around our family’s grave sites and specifically told one employee not to weed wack at these sites and we would take care of the high grass. We had just weed wacked and the very next day the grave site was weed wacked again. Why? I just ask the one(s) responsible to consider our loved ones. There are those of us that care and take pride in how our family’s grave sites look. Walking through the cemetery, you cannot miss the ruts and, with all the rain, ruts are filling up with water that goes under the foundations. Then, when the foundations are damaged, we are responsible for repair. This should not be happening.
Mrs. Mickie Foltz