A Shenango Valley woman who spat on two Brookfield policemen while she was naked back in September was sentenced recently to probation.
Autumn R. Everson, 21, of 1660 Pine Hollow Blvd., Hermitage, pleaded guilty Feb. 6 to harassment with a bodily substance.
Her sentencing was much delayed, because she had been picked up in Mercer County for violating probation on a 2017 case of resisting arrest in Sharon.
She admitted violating probation and on June 24 a Mercer County Judge sentenced her to 90 to 180 days in jail, with credit for the 88 days she had spent in jail awaiting sentence.
Everson was extradited to Trumbull County and Judge W. Wyatt MacKay sentenced her July 3 to 5 years’ probation.
She was arrested in Brookfield Sept. 9 on Sharon Bedford Road, where a caller reported that a woman in her underwear had knocked on a door, said “I’m going to jail anyway,” and knocked over flowers and flower pots, police said.promo
When police found Everson a few blocks away, she was naked and refused to be covered when a policeman tried to put a raincoat on her, police said.
Everson spit on the cops when she had been subdued and placed on a cot by Brookfield emergency medical personnel, police said.
She admitted she was high on LSD, police said.
The policemen had to be checked out at a hospital, police said.