Standard Market in Masury likely will be closed for a few days following a late Wednesday afternoon electrical fire that filled the convenience store with smoke and did minimal damage to a wall, said Brookfield Fire Chief David Masirovits.
Store employees Roshan Shrestha and Sharmila Rai reported hearing a sound, like a bang or a sizzle, by the wall with the drive-through window. A while later, a light went off and a bad smell and smoke emerged, they said.
The employees got everyone out of the store, including Shrestha’s wife and baby, and no one was injured.
Even after police arrived and partially blocked access to the store, customers still tried to enter the parking lot at 8171 Warren Sharon Road.
promoA fire extinguisher was used by an employee and police Cpl. Scott Thompson to put out a small fire.
Firefighters ripped out a small area of paneling and insulation, he said.
It appears a problem occurred in the area where the cable that beeps when vehicles drive over it is located, Masirovits said.
An electrician will have to be brought in for repairs, and there will be a fair amount of cleaning required, he said.
The store is owned by Sumit “Sam” Adukia-Agrawal, who had insurance on the property.
Trumbull County 911 put out the alarm at 5:13 p.m.

Editor’s note: the store reopened Sept. 13.