When she started working as fiscal officer of Brookfield Township eight years ago, Dena McMullin learned the job is “A lot more than I ever knew.”
“I pay all the bills,” she said. “I do the payroll. I manage all the records and pretty much advise the trustees on how the budget is and how we stand. There’s a lot, and every time I turn around the state’s got more restrictions or things I have to do.”
McMullin, 63, of 427 Wintergreen Drive, is seeking a third term and will be unopposed in the November election.promo
“I really enjoy it,” she said. “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be running again. It gives me something that I do that I like. I enjoy coming up here. Plus, I’m still paying off college loans. I’m not gonna lie.”
The fiscal officer’s salary is set by the state legislature. For 2019, the salary is $23,396.