Back to school already?
As the sun begins to set on summer vacation, children and young adults are back on their way to school. With the increased bus traffic also comes increased pedestrian and vehicle traffic at peak travel times. Be mindful of the buses’ lights and signs. Stop when the bus stop sign is out, and watch for unexpected pedestrians.
Review and practice these safety tips with your children who ride the bus:
Stay away from the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the driver signals for you to approach.
Be aware of the traffic, looking both ways to ensure all traffic is stopped before approaching the bus.
Use the handrail when entering or exiting the bus.
When exiting the bus, stay within eyesight of the driver, and wait for the driver to signal before crossing.
Should you drop an item, wait until the driver signals it’s OK before going back to pick it up.
As always, wear your seat belt when operating or riding in any motor vehicle. Do not operate your vehicle unless all passengers are seat belted appropriately, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE, and always be aware of your surroundings when driving or walking.
Let’s all do our part to promote summer safety, all year around!
Randy Richman is a captain in the Brookfield Township Volunteer Fire Department, a part-time Brookfield firefighter and paramedic and a firefighting instructor.