Brookfield school officials in July had a productive meeting with representatives of the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission concerning the ongoing structural problems at the school, said district Treasurer Crag Yaniglos.
“We were all on the same page, which was good,” he told the school board July 16.
The floor in the middle school section of the building is lifting due to shifting shale underneath, and that has cracked walls and rendered doors unable to be closed. Officials also have reported roof and driveway issues.
The school has about $360,000 left over from the 2011 construction project , and the state has about $530,000 left over, Yaniglos said.

promoThe state will be hiring consultants to assess the problems and work up a project cost, he said.

“We look to have a full, solid plan done by February, March,” Yaniglos said. “The ultimate goal, our priority, I think, as a district, is trying to get everything fixed. If everyone’s working in cooperation, the anticipation is we would see some retribution from the people who made mistakes.”
Board member George Economides said he was surprised to learn that OFCC frequently faces problems with new buildings.