Aqua Ohio began a project today (Oct. 15) to replace water lines on Rose Avenue in Masury, between Broadway Avenue and the dead end at the cloverleaf.
When that project is finished, the company will replace lines on Woodland Avenue.
The cast iron lines now in place have been in the ground since the ’50s, and have been prone to breaks. Six-inch ductile iron pipes are being installed.
It will take roughly a week to complete each project.
promoAqua and the township are talking about Aqua’s restoration plans. Aqua’s policy is to pave the lane in which the trench was dug. Township Road Superintendent Jaime Fredenburg said he has asked Aqua not to put a finish coat on Rose, because the township is hoping to secure an Issue 1 grant – state money raised by a bond issue for local infrastructure projects – to pave all of Rose and its neighboring streets, Service, Budd and Charles.
Instead, Fredenburg has asked Aqua to pave all of Woodland and not just one lane.
An Aqua spokesman said today no decision has been made.