Jordan Hammond said she was surprised to learn she was an award winner in the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Poster Contest.
She said she didn’t even know she had entered!
Brookfield Local School District art teacher Linda Bain submitted her students’ works, and two of them received recognition.
Jordan was the first-place winner statewide for sixth-grade. Her work was entered last school year and Jordan is now a seventh-grader. The awards were announced Aug. 3 during the Ohio State Fair.
“I was excited when I won,” Jordan said. “I didn’t think I was gonna get first place.”
David DeJoy won an honorable mention for fifth-grade. He is now a sixth-grader.
David also said the recognition was a surprise.
“Most of my friends like to do art a lot more than me,” David said. “I thought for sure one of them would win because they’re very good at art.”
The committee said it chooses its winners based on how informative, accurate and creative the posters were.
Jordan based her poster on the four corners of tornado safety, known as “DUCK”: go Down to the lowest level; get Under something; Cover your head; and Keep in shelter until the storm has passed.
Jordan said Mrs. Bain had given the “DUCK” idea as a possible poster theme, “but I made it my own.”
David’s poster used the word “SAFE” in the same manner as “DUCK”: Stay in your basement or the lowest spot in your house; be Aware of weather reports; Follow your parents or guardians to safety; and check Every month for tornado warnings.
“I thought, if there’s an emergency like a tornado or something, you want to be safe, so I used safe,” David said.
The students received certificates and goody bags, which included art supplies.
Both students said the recognition encouraged them to want to enter more art contests.