Brookfield trustees on March 13 announced that they have closed the township park and the township banquet hall until further notice.
The moves were made “In regards to recent concerns of the COVID-19 virus and to be in compliance with Gov. DeWine’s order to limit large gatherings and to help control the spread of the virus,” the trustees said.
The township will contact people who have reserved the hall to discuss options, the trustees said.
“We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and we will inform the public with any updates that may come about as this is an ever-changing situation.”
Questions can be directed to the trustees at 330-448-4500.

The township added the following statement: “For the election—the fire hall will still be used as a polling location with all precautions in place by the Board of Elections; any questions concerning that will need to be directed to the Board of Elections.”