Brookfield officials have officially posted notice that as of June 1 street parking will banned on the following roadways:

  • Valley View Drive, Lee Road, Northview Drive, Wildwood Drive, Crestwood Drive, Lynita Drive, Sunnydell and Springdale Drive in the Valley View Allotment.
  • Golf Drive, Spring Drive and Wintergreen Road in the Yankee Hills Allotment.
  • Stevenson Road, Francis Street, Thomas Street, Margaret Avenue and Balint Avenue in Stevenson Heights.

The trustees approved the ban on Oct. 7 at the request of Police Chief Dan Faustino and Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg, but posting requirements delay its implementation.
Faustino said he had received complaints of parked vehicles impeding traffic on the affected streets.
promoBecause each allotment has only one way in, a sign will be posted at the entrance which will suffice for the entire development, Faustino said. The signs will be put up after June 1, Fredenburg said.
Once the ban is in effect, the police department will be able to issue citations to violators.
Officials added that it is not their intent to enforce the ban for one-off activities such as graduation parties or family gatherings that might cause a temporary influx of vehicles.
The enforcement notice also has been displayed at the Brookfield and Masury post offices, Scotty’s Brookfield Express Mart, the Laundry Basket and the township administration building, Fredenburg said.