Brookfield trustees met with Shea McMillan, manager of business development for the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber, on Feb. 25 to talk about potential sites for industrial development.
McMillan said he wants to know about discussions local officials have had with property owners. He said he is exploring properties for promopossible inclusion in the chamber’s database of available properties, and on SiteOhio, the state’s portfolio of sites for industrial and commercial use. Generally, the sites must be at least 10 acres in size – 30 acres for SiteOhio – have access to utilities and be properly zoned.
Since Brookfield is not zoned, the trustees would have to provide a letter stating they accept industrial use on the properties, he said.
Trustee Ron Haun presented four large properties, primarily on Routes 82 and 7, that he said property owners would be willing to sell.
The trustees also submitted the 10 to 12 acres the township owns west of the administration building, although Trustee Dan Suttles said he would have to know a lot more about the potential use of the property given that it borders homes and access likely would have to come past the administration building.
“I think you’ve given me some pretty good options here,” McMillan said.
While some companies require that a property be properly zoned, McMillan said the chamber is not against including property in its database in a community that is not zoned.
“We want to be aware of every property, so we can put it before a company and let them make their decision,” he said.