Although it’s not necessarily widely known or heeded, Brookfield Township requires a permit anytime anyone does work in the right-of-way of a township road.
Those permits have been free, but they now come with a cost.
The trustees on April 24 approved these fees:
Boring under a road or doing work in a right-of-way, $20.
Connecting a driveway to a township road, $20.
Cutting into a road, $20 with $1,000 held in escrow.
Overweight hauling permit, $20 with $1,000 in liability insurance and a $50,000 road bond.
promoThe costs mirror Trumbull County’s, officials said.
“It hasn’t been followed very well lately, so we want to update it.,” said Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg. “We kind of want to have a cost to it so that it doesn’t get abused. We’re just trying to get a structured fee so we can have a little bit of the cost of doing the paperwork and everything that it takes to get the pipe put in.”
Permit applications will be available at the administration building, he said.