The June 2020 print edition of NEWS On the Green is out now at all our distribution points. It contains extensive coverage of the Brookfield High School Class of 2020 and stories on the financial impact of COVID-19 on Brookfield Township and Brookfield Local School District, a Brookfield business that offers an industrial method for sanitizing homes, businesses and vehicles, and changes in the command staff of the Brookfield police and fire departments.

Find your copy of NEWS On the Green at:
Brookfield Sparkle Market, 7229 Warren Sharon Road
Mr. D’s, 7156 Warren Sharon Road
Scotty’s Brookfield Express Mart, 7045 Warren Sharon Road
Brookfield post office, 6875 Warren Sharon Road
Belly Buster Sub Shop, 6949 Warren Sharon Road

Masury post office, 7835 Elm St.
Standard Market, 8171 Warren Sharon Road
Stateline Super Market, 8271 Superior St.

Yankee Lake Party Store, Route 7

717 Credit Union, 627 W. Liberty St.

Warehouse Sales, 200 W. Silver St.