When Toby Gibson was the Brookfield Elementary School principal, and the board of education asked him what he needed, the top of his wish list always included a guidance counselor, he said.
On April 22, the board gave him his wish, although Gibson has since been promoted to the district’s superintendent.
Daniel Madeline, who has taught middle school math and history but has worked for the past year as a part-time elementary guidance counselor, will slide into the position full time.
promoMadeline will provide social and emotional support for the district’s youngest students who have suffered the loss of a parent, grandparent or pet or have home or other issues that overwhelm them, Gibson said.
“A guidance counselor at that level I think is crucial for their development as a student, as a child, to help them get through,” Gibson said.
The position is being paid from the Student Wellness and Success funds granted to schools in the state budget.