A Brookfield Township man charged by the Trumbull County Combined Health District with violating an order to tie into the sanitary sewer system has complied with the order.
Robert E. Richards, 51, of 7440 Stewart Sharon Road, stipulated that the board of health had probable cause to file the charge of failing to tie in, and agreed to pay costs. The board agreed that Trumbull County Eastern District Court Judge Marty Nosich could dismiss the charge, which he did on Oct. 15. Richards was assessed $74 in costs.
A second Brookfield man entered a plea Sept. 17 to resolve a similar case from more than two years ago. Anthony J. Nitso, 32, of 1022 Bedford Road, pleaded no contest to a charge that he had failed to repair or replace his septic system. Nosich found him guilty and fined him $25 and assessed $74 costs.
The charge against Nitso was filed June 1, 2018.


Two Brookfield Township residents charged with health violations for failing to repair or replace their failing septic systems have complied, the Trumbull County Combined Health District said.
Robert J. Heater, 55, of 1088 Albright McKay Road NE, and William Bauder, 45, of 7128 Stewart Sharon Road, each were charged criminally, but the health department allowed their cases to be dismissed in November.
Each man was assessed costs — $99 to Bauder and $74 to Heater — in Trumbull County Eastern District Court.