Early discussions involving communities along Route 7 joining together to promote tourism and community events seem to be moving in a positive direction, Brookfield Trustee Gary Lees said.
Brookfield trustees recently met via Zoom with Beth Kotwis Carmichael of the Trumbull County Tourism Bureau and elected officials.
The Route 7 Yard Sale, typically held in September, was a “big discussion,” Lees said. “They all seemed to be on board with that.”
The yard sale, for which many local businesses hold special sales and promote each other, does not just promote businesses physically located on the state road, but also within a short driving distance of it, he said. That way, specialty businesses like Black Sheep Bacon on Warren Sharon Road and Alcraft Egg Artistry on Custer Orangeville Road also could participate.
promoBrookfield trustees also discussed having some sort of event on the green in Brookfield Center during the yard sale, which would get people to stop and learn about other businesses they might be interested in, Lees said. Yankee Lake could hold an event in the ballroom, he said.
“Everyone really seemed to want to work on this together,” Lees said.
Another meeting with members of the historical societies of the Route 7 communities will be held later, with an eye toward generating a list of historical attractions, he said.