Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has issued a permit for six homeowners on North Stateline Road in Masury to build a new sanitary sewer line and tap into Hermitage’s sanitary sewer line across the road.

The homeowners are negotiating with contractors, said Scott Verner, Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer project manager.

Trumbull County Health Department informed the property owners that their septic systems were failing and that they had two options: put in new ones or connect to a sanitary sewer line, said Ray Donahue, one of the homeowners. The property owners decided on the second option, so they would not have to deal with maintenance, service contracts or changing regulations regarding septic systems, he said.

promoSince there was no Trumbull County sewer line close, they looked to Hermitage. The waste will flow by gravity into Hermitage’s system and be treated in Sharon.

Hermitage approved the arrangement in August 2019.

Trumbull County will have an inspector on site during construction, Verner said. The county will take over the newly installed system once it is built, bill Masury residents and pay Hermitage’s sewer fees.

Homeowners are paying all the design and construction costs and tap-in and frontage fees.