Both parties involved in a July 28 incident in which a dog was shot and a duck was mauled have had their days in court on criminal charges, but a civil action is pending.

Brookfield police said they were called to 869 Bedford Road with a report of dogs attacking livestock. Daniel Hartzell, 30, of that address, told police that he had fired a 9 mm handgun at least 10 times at two large, white dogs near a large ditch that goes under Bedford, police said.

Hartzell also showed police a dead duck that had been attacked by the dogs, police said.

Susan I. Simion, 7250 Stewart Sharon Road, reported to police that her dogs were missing and running at large, and that she believed the ones that were shot at were her dogs and had been injured. She later posted on Facebook that one of the dogs had been killed. The other dog was unharmed.

Simion pleaded guilty Sept. 24 in Trumbull Court Eastern District Court to a charge of failing to confine a dog. She was fined $25 and costs, and she and Luke Simion have filed a small-claims civil suit against Hartzell seeking damages.

Hartzell was found guilty Dec. 3 of discharging a firearm on or near prohibited premises, also in Eastern District Court. He was sentenced to 1 day in jail, but can perform 10 hours of community service instead; fined $250 and costs; and put on 6 months’ probation.

UPDATE: On Feb. 9, the civil case was dismissed upon the request of Luke Simion.