There’s no guarantee Brookfield trustees will reopen Jenny’s Junction, the playground in Brookfield Township Community Park, this year but, if they do, they will have to do some repair and prep work first.
While the park is open to the public, the playground is closed because of concerns about spreading the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg said there is playground equipment that needs repaired or replaced.
“That main slide has a crack in it,” he said, referring to the corkscrew slide. “That section is $7 grand” to replace.
Fredenburg estimated it would take $10,000 to prepare the equipment for use. Trustee Dan Suttles asked Fredenburg to document what work needs done and to get a more precise estimate of the cost.
“If we indeed open it, I don’t want somebody injured in there,” Suttles said. “It’s either we take down what isn’t working or we replace it.”
Fredenburg added that he will need to add mulch to the playground to make the surface the recommended thickness to prevent fall injuries. He estimated the cost at $1,200.