It will be hard to avoid the orange cones, lane restrictions and detours this construction season in Brookfield and Masury as the township, Trumbull County and state have extensive road and drainage projects scheduled to be performed.

Here is a synopsis of what is coming up:

Broadway Avenue (also known as Idlewild Road)

The county plans to pave the full length of the road from Route 82 to Bedford Road, and install 80 feet of 18-inch storm drainage pipe and five catch basins.

This a project that was on the books for last year.

“Budgetary reasons, weather, we carried Idlewild from last year into this year,” said county Deputy Engineer Gary Shaffer. “It should be one of the first ones to get resurfaced, hopefully, when the (asphalt) plants open up, so, May, June at the latest.”

Lower North Masury Community Rehabilitation Project

The township and county received a state Issue 1 grant to pave Rose, Service and Park avenues and Budd and Charles streets. The township will soon start widening the sections of Service and Budd that are west of Broadway, and install pipe and catch basins and clean out ditches, in preparation for the paving, said township Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg. The county will clean out sewers on the section of Budd that is a county road. The trustees have authorized the Trumbull County Engineer to include the paving project in an advertisement seeking bids for other projects within the county, with the intent of lowering the cost for any one project. The paving will be done this summer.

Masury Neighborhood Revitalization Project

Funded largely by a Community Development Block Grant from the state, this project includes street paving, drainage pipe replacement, sidewalk replacement and installation, and the building of a small park.

Foust Construction has been awarded a contract to replace storm sewer and install new catch basins and yard drains and a headwall on Second Street, between Standard Avenue and Miller Street, and along Miller, between Second and Third streets.

“Foust should be up and running sometime in March,” Shaffer said. “Hopefully, by the middle of March he’s mobilizing over there and getting some of that work started.”

The street paving and sidewalk bids were combined into one project for purposes of bidding, and R.T. Vernal Paving and Excavating Inc., North Lima, has been awarded a contract based on a bid of $384,502, in bids opened March 2. The other four bids ranged from $416,353 to $614,745. The pre-bid estimate was $456,278

The drainage and paving/sidewalk bids came in below budget, meaning there will be unbudgeted money available to be put into more work.

How to spend that money has been the subject of much discussion, but the trustees agreed it should go into road paving. There are five other streets in the area, and Fredenburg has prioritized them. It hasn’t been worked out whether there will be a new bidding process, or if change orders will be issued to the paving contractor.

Trustee Gary Lees questioned Fredenburg and Shaffer extensively about doing more storm sewer work, which was the initial impetus for undertaking the project at all.

Shaffer said that time is a big issue. They money has to be spent by Aug. 30, or the state will take it back and reallocate it elsewhere, and he wasn’t sure that the process of designing additional drainage work, developing specifications, advertising for bids, awarding a contract and getting the work done could be completed by that deadline.

Lees is interested in installing pipe between Second and Third streets to take away the water that runs through backyards, or diverting the water on Broadway toward the Second Street storm drain. Shaffer said design engineer GPD Group looked at those options.

“That cost was really high to do that,” Shaffer said. “I’m not saying it’s a bad idea. It’s just we weren’t able to do it with the budget we had here, and we definitely won’t be able to do it with the time frame. Maybe that’s something we look at in the future and do a public works grant for you on that.”

Route 82

Shelly and Sands Inc. has been hired to mill and pave the state highway from Route 62 in Masury to just east of Route 193 in Vienna.

“We are tentatively scheduled to get that project started in mid- to late April, but that is definitely weather dependent,” said Ohio Department of Transportation District 4 Public Information Officer Justin Chesnic. “The contractor is going to begin by doing concrete repairs under the asphalt. Then, in early to mid-May, they will mill the road and begin paving it.”

Route 82 culvert replacement

ODOT is planning to replace culverts on state roads throughout Trumbull County, including the one in the westbound lane of Route 82 between Bedford and Addison roads.

“The project is scheduled to be awarded to a contractor in late April, so that project will not begin construction until late May/early June,” Chesnic said. “Once we have a pre-construction meeting with the contractor, we will know the order in which all the culverts will be replaced and will have a much better schedule.”