Brookfield 4-H Friends

Emma Wylie has been elected president of Brookfield 4-H Friends after serving several years as vice president.

The 17-year-old senior at Hubbard High School said her happy experience with the club convinced her to run for its highest office.

“I was very excited to run for president because of how much I enjoy helping others,” Emma said. “I have been the vice president of the club for the past four years and enjoyed every second of it.”

Emma, who has been a member for the last nine years, said her fascination with 4-H started by watching her older sister, Amanda, who began showing rabbits when she was 3 years old.

Former President Josie Wagner, a freshman at Kent State University-Trumbull, has taken the position of community service officer for her last year in the club. Wagner, 18, has been president for the past five years but felt she needed a change of pace.

“I needed something new to try, and I felt the community service office would be a much-needed change for my final year, “ Josie said. She hopes to come up with a few good projects so everyone in the club can safely be involved and contribute to community service.

promoClub members have elected Lara Bodo, 13, as the new vice president. She will be serving in her first office. The seventh-grader at Mineral Ridge High School is in her second year in 4-H.

The club, which has been meeting virtually, also re-elected Brooke Kennedy, 18, a senior at Mineral Ridge High School, as secretary; Brigid Wagner-Donlin, 13, an eighth-grader at Lewis Center for Gifted Learners, as treasurer; and Jorja Bonar, 16, a junior at Mathews High School, as environmental officer.

The club elected several other members to official positions. They are: Alessandra Matteo, 13, seventh-grader at Wilmington Area Middle School, as photographer/journalist/historian; Courtney Knight, 11, a home-schooled sixth-grader from Girard, as health and safety officer; and Natalie Bancroft, 12, a home-schooled seventh-grader from the Hubbard area, as recreation officer.