The tree-trunk carving of Judge Samuel C. Hinckley, who founded Brookfield Township, has seen better
Brookfield Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg thinks it’s time to remove the carving that is on the green in
Brookfield Center. The trustees agreed.
The carving is “getting really sad looking,” said Fredenburg, adding that he’s in no hurry to take it down,
but would do so sometime this summer.
“I think it’s very appropriate,” Trustee Dan Suttles said May 26. “It’s in disrepair. It looks a little creepy,
to tell you the truth.”
“I’m in agreement with Jaime,” said Ron Haun. “It’s seen its time.”
Trustee Gary Lees said Brookfield Township Historic Commission member Valerie Kokor has been
looking into grant funding for projects that have historical value, and replacing the Hinckley carving
could be an option.