Brookfield Local School District has been hit by a social media trend in which students vandalize and
damage school property.

Supt. Toby Gibson said the amount of damage has been “minor,” but officials have instituted limits on
access to the bathrooms to combat it.

“There is a social media trend occurring called ‘devious licks,’” the school said in an email to parents.
“This TikTok trend challenges students to destroy school property, steal items from the school and

Gibson and Brookfield Police Chief Dan Faustino said they are not aware of any videos being posted
showing damage being done at Brookfield schools.

“In an attempt to curtail these incidents, we have closed bathrooms during the transition between
periods,” high school Assistant Principal Tyler Vallinger said in a phone call to parents. “Students can
still sign out of classrooms to use the restroom and can also do so at lunch. It is difficult to monitor during
class transitions, so we’re hoping this measure will lessen these incidents of vandalism.”

promoStudent monitors sit outside the restrooms and record the names of students who enter the restrooms.

Officials said they have not identified anyone responsible for any damage.

Vallinger asked parents to “strongly discourage your children from engaging in this destructive behavior.”

Following the publication of this story in the October print edition of NEWS On the Green, the school updated its warning saying the TikTok challenge also “encourages students to slap a teacher or staff member and run before being caught.”

The school did not report any specific instances of hurtful physical contact with a staff member, but said, “Anyone caught doing this challenge may be met with serious consequences.”