Brookfield is one of several schools that will participate in a new drone racing league being organized by the Trumbull County Educational Services Center, said Brookfield Supt. Toby Gibson.

“This is awesome,” said Brookfield Board of Education member Melissa Sydlowski on Nov. 17, when the board was asked to approve a memorandum of understanding with the Brookfield Federation of Teachers to create the position of drone racing coach.

The students will do more than just fly the drones, said Principal Kristen Foster.

“They get to take the whole drone apart and put it back together, and add new things to make it fly faster,” she said.

The ESC is supplying the drones, she said.

promoPractices could start as early as this month, with racing set for the spring, Foster said.

The district has two drones, and student Isaac Foust, who graduated last year, had been working with teachers to get them certified with the Federal Aviation Administration to fly the drones. A teacher has expressed an interest in coaching the team, getting certified and creating an elective class on drones, Foster said.

“It should be a highly desired elective,” she said.

UPDATE: The school board hired Tim Reinsel as drone racing coach on Dec. 14. He will be paid $981.