Christopher Ferragonio. Contributed photo.

Christopher Ferragonio. Contributed photo.

A Brookfield man has been charged with burglary and assault for forcing his way into a neighboring home to look for his girlfriend, Brookfield police said.

Christopher P. Ferragonio, 28, of 1200 Park Drive, was indicted by a grand jury Jan. 20 and his arraignment was set for Feb. 3.

Police said the neighbor gave this account:

The neighbor opened his door to a knock and saw Ferragonio standing there. Ferragonio asked if his girlfriend was inside. When the neighbor said she was not, Farregonio asked to come inside. The neighbor said, ‘No,’ and tried to close the door, but Ferragonio blocked it with his foot. The neighbor tried to push Ferragonio out of the way, but Ferragonio punched him several times and pushed him inside. Ferragonio entered, but left soon after.

Ferragonio told police he thought his wife was cheating on him with the neighbor, but he did not find her in the home, police said.