Davis Street

Davis Street

It appears the east side of Brookfield Township got the worst of it when a windstorm hit at around 7 p.m. May 21.

The National Weather Service reported gusts of up to 43 mph at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, knocking down trees that caused road closures on North Stateline Road, north of Warren Sharon Road; Custer-Orangeville Road, between Yankee Run Road and Sharon Hogue Road; and Davis Street, just west of Brookfield Avenue.

Brookfield Fire Chief David Masirovits said the department received 18 calls.

“There’s trees down all over the place,” he said. “There’s wires down all over the place.”

The worst damage appeared to be on Margaret Street, where a tree fell on a house and caused roof damage, he said.

The tree on Davis fell on an Eastern Natural Gas regular station. A two-man crew cutting up the tree said gas service was not affected.

promoOhio Edison crews were seen on Yankee Run Road and Lincoln Street. As of about 11 p.m., the utility reported outages in Yankee Lake, on the West Hill, in southern Masury, on Yankee Run Road, in Brookfield Center, and in the area of South Albright McKay and Stewart Sharon roads.

Brookfield firefighters also handled several calls in Hartford, Masirovits said.

The temperature dropped 17 degrees when the storm hit, and about three-tenths of an inch of rain fell, the weather service reported.