Brookfield trustees have awarded a contract to Kirila Contractors of Brookfield to mill and pave the entire length of Syme Street.

Kirila’s bid, $202,213, was the lowest of four. The others ranged from $223,318 to $228,011.

The Trumbull County Engineer solicited bids on behalf of the township and reviewed the bids.

The trustees awarded a contract April 4.

Brookfield received a $150,000 Issue 1 grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission, and will have to pay the remaining portion, said township Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg.

When Brookfield applied for the Issue 1 grant about two years ago, officials estimated the work would cost $178,000. The Trumbull County Engineer raised the estimate to $190,000 at the time bids were solicited.

Two inches of the road surface will be removed by a milling machine and replaced by two inches of new asphalt.

It looks like the road will be paved in July, Fredenburg said.

Trustee Mark Ferrara pressed for Fredenburg to have the township receive the millings, the pieces of removed asphalt, and Fredenburg said he was successful. The millings will be used in future projects, Fredenburg said.