Tyler Scheidemantle

Tyler Scheidemantle

A Sharpsville man has been sentenced to prison for violating a protection order obtained by a Brookfield woman.

Tyler S. Scheidemantle – also identified in court documents as Sheidemantle – 30, pleaded guilty Feb. 17 to the felony charge, plus a felony charge of menacing. Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Ronald Rice sentenced him March 24 to 9 months in prison.

Brookfield police charged Scheidemantle based on a series of messages he had sent through a texting app to the woman. Scheidemantle and the woman have children together, and the protection order allows only communication concerning the custody of the children or medical issues, police said.

On Aug. 15, the woman showed police a series of messages that “stray(ed) away from what is allowed in the protection order,” police said. Scheidemantle complained about the amount of time the woman’s boyfriend was spending with the children, and the reliability of her vehicle; asked that she not “violate me,” an apparent reference to a probation violation in two previous misdemeanor convictions of violating a protection order; and threatened to “drain both you bank accounts” if they can’t come to an agreement.

Scheidemantle was charged a fourth time based on information the woman filed Jan. 4, but a Trumbull County Grand Jury did not indict him.