The following Brookfield High School underclassmen were named outstanding students of the year in these subjects:

Drawing I – Isabella Foust

Painting I – Lillian Davis

Music Appreciation – Sam Godsave

Microsoft Certification – Zachariah Karg

Recreational Sports – Zach Johns

promoHealthy Living – Lillie Toth and Sami McAnany

Health – Leah Wlodarski

Physical Education – Christopher Cunningham

Pre-Apprenticeship 1 – William Kopp

Maker Space – Billy McAnany

Business Finance – Isabella McFarland

Spanish I – Lily Randall, Bryan Reardon and Shaniah Wise

Spanish II – Ashley Harden and Uriah Pinchot

Spanish III – Sami McAnany and Zoe Steele

English 9 – Roman Spies, Evie Henkel and Justin Calip

English 10 – Reanna Reardon and Jocelyn Linamen

General English 11 – Zach Johns

Ac. English 11 – Sophia Hook

Algebra I – Lily Randall

Geometry – Justin Calip, Lillie Toth and Uriah Pinchot

Pre-Calculus – Sami McAnany and Sophia Hook

Algebra 2 – Reanna Reardon

Biology – Alex Kiskadden

Environmental Science – Garrick Cottle

Forensics – Kaedie Roscoe

STEM Innovations – Cole Glover

Chemistry – Sami McAnany and Sophia Hook

World History – Lily Randall

American History through Film – Gavin Marsh

World History through Film – Dallas Crozier

American History – Uriah Pinchot

Psychology – Kara Svarny 

Street Law – Sami McAnany

American Government – Sami McAnany

Career Pathways 1 – Cailey Wellman and Brett Carsone

Career Pathways 2 – Riley Hoskin and Lauren Shingledecker

The list of seniors who were named outstanding students was published with our graduation story.