A woman accused of a property maintenance violation was found not guilty without a hearing, but Brookfield Code Enforcement Officer Pete Ross said the filing accomplished something.

“I wanted to shake her up a little bit and get her to do something, and she did, but it still is not where it needs to be,” he said. “She’s 70 percent, at best” cleaned up. 

Ross filed the charge against Ginger Jewell for failing to remove “rank vegetation” from around the vacant home she owns at 693 Grover St.

Jewell appeared for arraignment July 12 in Trumbull County Eastern District Court, pleaded no contest, and was found not guilty by Acting Judge Andrew Suhar.

“I gave the court an earful over that,” Ross said. “That should never have happened. We didn’t even get our day in court. I’m gonna have to stay on her.”