Tony and Diane Guarnieri have asked the Brookfield trustees if they would object to the Guarnieris seeking to vacate about 120 feet at the end of Breezewood Lake Drive.

The trustees did not offer any objections, but Trustee Dan Suttles said he would want to see the property surveyed to make sure “we’re not stepping on somebody’s toes.”

Township Road Supt. Jaime Fredenburg said vacating the road, which would have to be approved by Trumbull County commissioners, would not deny anyone access to their property, or restrict future development.

Fredenburg said he would require that a T turnaround be built for township snowplows and school buses, and the Guarnieris have agreed to that stipulation, as well as to pay for the survey and the costs of vacation.

The Guarnieris live at the end of Breezewood.

The vacation would add a bit more property to the tax rolls, said Trustee Mark Ferrara.

“Right now, it’s just grass,” he said. “You wouldn’t know it’s a road. I’m comfortable (with the vacation). Jaime said there’s no issue, and they’re willing to absorb the cost. I don’t see any negative items.”

The Trumbull County Engineer’s Office would draw up specifications for the turnaround, and review access by neighboring properties, Fredenburg said.