8141 Davis St.

8141 Davis St.

Brookfield Township Code Enforcement Officer Pete Ross has filed citations against two Masury property owners, while a third recently resolved a case.

Ross said he cited Matthew Byknish for property at 8244 Lincoln St., and Stephen Zanolli, 66, of 8127 Ulp St., for property at 8141 Davis St. Both property owners pleaded not guilty at their arraignments Oct. 4 in Trumbull County Eastern District Court. Both citations are under the section of the Brookfield Township Exterior Property Maintenance Code that deals with structural soundness.

The house at 8141 Davis St. has been vacant for a long time. “The roof’s caving in,” Ross said, adding that he would like the structure to be torn down.

Speaking of 8244 Lincoln St., Ross said, “It’s not a bad house, but it’s got a big hole in the roof.”

Ross told the trustees that he has been “sitting on these a while, but people never called me or anything to talk about it. Now, we’ll talk about it in front of the prosecutor. I hate to do that, but they kind of force you.”

In the third case, Vaughn Hanson of 7880 South St., Masury, was found guilty Aug. 9. of violating the maintenance code for failing to cut the grass at his home. Eastern District Court Judge Marty Nosich fined Hanson $100.