When we created NEWS On the Green five years ago, we had no idea what we were doing.

We knew how to report and write news stories and lay out pages, but we had never sold ads or distributed a paper. It was baptism by fire.

Now, we’ve gotten into a nice little rhythm. We have times of the month that we do certain tasks, unless life gets in the way, which it often does. In any event, we have put out a paper on time each month – 61 in all, counting this one. We are proud of what we have done but, in this month of giving thanks and expressing gratitude, we know we have not done it alone.

Our list of thanks starts with Judi’s parents, Oscar and Judie Swogger. When we first told them what we planned to do, they responded, “Heck, yeah,” and have supported us every step of the way.

We thank our older kids, Niall and Siri, who stepped in and delivered the paper in August, while we were recovering from COVID, and our younger kids, Uriah and Malachi, who whine and complain about our home-based business, but have come to understand what we need to do, and grudgingly go along with our plan (and who also helped out with home tasks while we were down with COVID).

Looking outside the immediate family, it begins and ends with those who have financially supported us – our subscribers, advertisers and donors. If there were no money, there would be no paper. After all, this is a business and our livelihood.

We thank our readers. Each month, 2,500 copies disappear into the homes and offices of our readers, and you continually tell us what it means to have a paper that focuses on Brookfield, Masury and Yankee Lake, the place we all call home.

We thank the businesses and agencies that allow us to place the paper for distribution.

We thank John Ackley for maintaining our website, and the Warren Tribune-Chronicle for printing the paper.

As we celebrate five years, we hope that you will show your gratitude by subscribing, sending us a donation or allowing us to advertise your business or organization within our pages. Our revenue remains inconsistent, and we need you to show your appreciation by helping us assure that NEWS On the Green lives for more anniversaries.

Thank you,

Judi and Joe


Find your copy of the November 2022 print edition at these outlets:



Brookfield Sparkle Market, 7229 Warren Sharon Road

Mr. D’s, 7156 Warren Sharon Road

Scotty’s Brookfield Express Mart, 7045 Warren Sharon Road

Brookfield post office, 6875 Warren Sharon Road

Belly Buster Sub Shop, 6949 Warren Sharon Road

Brookfield Branch Library, 7032 Grove St.



Masury post office, 7835 Elm St.

Standard Market, 8171 Warren Sharon Road

Stateline Super Market, 8271 Superior St.



Yankee Lake Party Store, Route 7



Vienna Laundromat, Youngstown Kingsville Road SE and Warren Sharon Road



717 Credit Union, 627 W. Liberty St.




Warehouse Sales, 200 W. Silver St.

Sharon Hot Dog Shop, 134 W. State St.