Dot Lou’s has closed its Masury store, but is promising to open a new enterprise in that space sometime this year.

Dot Lou’s, which sells soaps, oils, candles, cosmetics, crystals and other household and specialty items, originated in the Hubbard home of Lenisa Scutillo and Jenetta Christy, and they moved into the storefront at 850 S. Irvine Ave., Masury, in August 2020.

They later expanded to a much larger building in Hubbard at 759 N. Main St.

“The truth is the numbers in Hubbard have increased drastically, but the numbers in Masury have dropped horribly,” Scutillo said in a Jan. 2 Facebook post announcing the closing of the Masury store.

“Between the sales and the fact that Hubbard is also our workshop area as well as our storefront, there really was no option on choosing which store to let go,” she said.

Dot Lou’s products will be sold at the Brookfield Drive Thru, 870 S. Irvine Ave., Masury, and Quick Mart just down the street when it opens in a few months, she said.

“We are keeping the (Masury) location, and we (will) be reopening another separate business hopefully by spring (more details at another time),” Scutillo said.